Wild Gardens Nursery offers wild and native plants that benefit local gardeners and thrive in harmony with the natural world.

Eva Thaddeus, Co-owner


From childhood Eva has been a plant lover and avid gardener, even when the only plants under her care were the petunias outside her Manhattan apartment. A former elementary school teacher and environmental educator, Eva has gardened in the Hudson Valley and the high deserts of New Mexico, two very different places that have taught her a lot about plants and their ecosystems. Eva has been carrying out a variety of botanical experiments, trying to restore healthy biodiversity to a property that has been taken over by unwelcome invasive plants.

Julie Sootin, Co-owner


Julie is a life-long gardener and nature enthusiast who developed a love of native plants when raising butterflies with her kids. Julie has spent the last five years rewilding her yard with pollinator beds, shade gardens, grassy slopes, and a backyard that went from turf grass to wildflower meadow. Frustrated by the lack of local native plant sources, she has been experimenting with starting natives from seed through a technique called winter sowing. Julie also organizes a local native plant and seed swap community group.