Wild Gardens Nursery offers wild and native plants that benefit local gardeners and thrive in harmony with the natural world.

Eva Thaddeus, Co-founder


Eva selects, propagates and cares for the plants at Wild Gardens. From childhood she has always been a plant lover and gardener, even when the only plants under her care were petunias outside her Manhattan apartment. A former elementary school teacher and environmental educator, Eva has gardened in the Hudson Valley and the high deserts of New Mexico, two very different places that have taught her a lot about plants and their ecosystems.

Megan Cohen, Co-founder


Megan answers the emails, works the Excels, and helps with the growing. As a kid in Long Island she befriended roly-polies and fireflies, and biked the forest trail near her home. Since then she has explored the natural worlds of Atlanta, Benin, Israel, and the US Virgin Islands while working in global health and emergency management. Now a suburban homesteader, Megan also manages our affiliate program, The Rewilding School. She loves the light green color of new spring leaves, mosses, and pollinator plants.

Eric Stone, Co-founder


Eric is our invasive species manager, basic carpenter and manual labor superhero. He is also the Director of The Rewilding School and a Westchester-born naturalist. He’s enthusiastic about building up native plant populations to support wildlife and indigenous food systems. His favorite plants are basswood, ramps, New York ferns, Roma tomatoes, and mulberry.

Jessie Moscarello, Grower


Jessie is an educator at just about every program for The Rewilding School and is studying for her Environmental Conservation certificate. Her favorite plants are Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) and Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) because of how useful they are. Jewelweed reflects beautifully underwater and protects from poison ivy rashes, while the underside of Mugwort leaves shimmer in the sun and their scent repels mosquitos!