Need help with the garden plan?

Consider gardening with guilds!


Pond’s Edge Guild

Do you have a low lying wet spot that you need to fill around? Try a Pond's Edge Guild, these plants are best suited for a wet site, partial to full sun, with a neutral soil pH 6.8-7.2.



High bush cranberry

Red osier dogwood

Silky dogwood

Pussy willow


Sweet Joe-pye weed

Joe-pye weed

Autumn Helen’s flower

Sensitive fern



Elderberry Guild  

Treat your songbirds and humans alike with an Elderberry Guild! These plants will grow well together at a medium water site, in full sun or partial sun, and can thrive in soils that have a slightly acidic pH 6.0-7.0. Although our hay-scented ferns have sold out, they would be a nice addition to this guild!


Black elderberry

Southern arrowwood viburnum 

Sweet Joe-pye weed

Stiff goldenrod

Hay-scented fern



Forest edge guild

Even if you don't have a large forest nearby, we can all help fight against deforestation. Try a Forest Edge Guild, with plants that  populate an intermediary zone between cleared areas and New York forests. They are best suited to moist but well-drained, slightly acidic soil.




Zigzag goldenrod

Blue-stemmed goldenrod

Heart-leaved aster

Calico aster

Early sunflower

Wild golden glow

Hairy wood mint

Common violet

Anemone Canadensis

Fox sedge

River oats

Bottlebrush grass

Dryland guild 

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right plant to flourish in dry places, or in areas with poor soil. Our Dry Land Guild have plants that can do the trick, and survive the extremes of a lot of sun, very dry, or sandy or rocky soils.


Sand cherry

Virginia rose

Prairie willow

Butterfly weed

Little bluestem

Pearly everlasting

Prairie dropseed

Lance-leaved coreopsis

Prickly pear cactus

Stiff goldenrod


Native Food Forest

Who wouldn't want to easily pick some food from your garden? This Food Forest is well balanced to help feed humans and our natural wildlife too. Each of these plants have different needs, so make sure they fit your site first. And just note that the persimmons require two trees to fruit!



American plum


Red mulberry

Virginia rose


Black cherry


Prickly pear cactus





Meadow guild

You know you want to support our pollinators, but not sure what else can thrive around those plants? Try our Meadow Guild plants for a well rounded garden. These plants grow best in sunny areas, with soil that is well drained to medium wet.


Wild bergamot

Stiff goldenrod

New England aster

Smooth aster

Calico aster

Virginia mountain mint

False blue indigo

Dwarf false blue indigo

Purple coneflower

Hairy beardtongue


Little bluestem

Big bluestem


Lance-leaved coreopsis

Common milkweed

Orange coneflower

Sweet black-eyed susan

Nodding onion